Ink & Materials

Ink & Materials

At Far'n'Beyond we offer an extensive range of print and finishing options. Matching the most appropriate solutions, we establish the most effective method for each project.

If you have a specialist print requirement, please contact our team to find out more.

Ink & Materials

Material Choices

There are many things to consider when choosing the material for your project. Whether you’re printing marketing cards to promote an upcoming event or creating a corporate brochure to showcase your range of products and services, the type of paper you choose matters.

At Far’n’Beyond, we offer a large range of materials and boards to suit your every need - from Bonds, Silk, Gloss, Uncoated, 100% Recycled, Krafts and specialist packaging boards.

Duplex & Triplex

Duplexing & Triplexing is the process of bonding together of two or three sheets of material to create unique and memorable printed communications. Popular as business cards and invitations, this is a great method to showcase your brand colours or increase thickness.

Duplexing uses two pieces of card which can either be the same colour to produce a seamless block or different coloured sheet to both sides to create unique product.

Triplexing uses three sheets. Again, these could be all the same material or alternatively use the same sheet top and bottom with a different coloured centre.
Ink & Materials

White Ink

Printing in white ink can create some stunning effects when used on the right creative. Using HP Indigo technology, white inks most obvious application is on black or coloured stock whilst also offering an effective finish on transparencies, dark, and metallic substrates making a high-impact for stationery, invitations, greeting cards, book and brochure covers.

White ink is a graphic designer’s secret weapon. When used in combination with these paper stocks, the unique outputs are an innovative way to take your clients brand in a new direction. Printable in single hit or multiple hits to create subtle design affects not achievable with other digital printing processes.
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Pantone Print

Companies use Pantone colours in their logos and branding and to ensure they are consistent. A PMS colour is a specific numbered colour in the Pantone Matching System, used to facilitate accurate and consistent colour reproduction, especially across multiple production runs and manufacturing processes.

Although all litho and digital presses are calibrated to ensure maximum colour management, there are certain colours that can't be produced with standard CMYK print production. These most commonly including fluorescents, and metallic spot golds and silvers. Pantone colours are also widely used across promotional merchandise products where products such as pens, umbrellas and garments are produced using screen printing technology.
Ink & Materials Prices
Ink & Materials

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