Pantone Printed Packaging

Sex Brand is a leading online retailer of sexual wellness products, producing high-quality, vegan and sustainable condoms and lubes.

The company focuses on promoting a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable approach to sexual health and pleasure.

Sex Brand's products are known for their high quality, innovation, and eye-catching visual identity, which is where Far'n'Beyond got involved - helping to develop presentation packaging to match their colours and style.

Packaging Research & Development 

The first project was to develop a custom packaging solution for ten condoms.

From initial video calls with the team at Sex Brand, we worked to develop a box which revealed the products with a focus on the opening experience. 

Instead of a traditional tuck-end box to fish out the condom packs, we looked at a top opening presentation display. Effectively a tiny, luxurious pizza box, the packaging showcases the condoms differently from competitors and provides the desired 'moment' when unboxing.

Following various tests to ensure the boxes held the condoms securely, we developed a physical sample as part of our Packaging Design Process, which helps ensure that all our clients receive an example that can be tested and approved.

Print Finishing & Pantone Colour

One of the key elements of the Sex Brand identity is its vibrant orange. A unique colour that can't be reliably produced from traditional CMYK printing methods it requires a different ink solution using colour referencing 'Pantone'.

Featured across all the company's marketing material, website, and the condom sleeves themselves, the bright orange Pantone, is central to achieving brand recognition and avoiding imitation.

Pantone is a defined colour standard used either as a reference for consistency or as a specific pre-mixed ink which is always exactly the same. This is particularly useful for neon colours or the Sex Brand's orange, which would look much duller when produced using a standard printing press.

Once printed with the orange and then overprinted with the black ink, each sheet had a soft touch lamination added, before being embossed to raise the logo and illustration, further adding to the tactile experience provided by the packaging.

With the flat sheets completed, they were then die-cut and creased to the finalised template.

Bespoke Packaging Printing

Along with several supporting printed components, we are delighted with how the impact of the packaging supports Sex Brands aims and objectives.

"Superb team, super quick turnarounds and great work. Far'n'Beyond are a fantastic partner."

Jack, SexBrand (TrustPilot)

After being in use for several months, we also made tweaks and adjustments to help improve the packaging for re-orders, to help increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.

If you want to review your existing packaging or launch a new product, don't hesitate to contact our team to find out how we can help.

At Far'n'Beyond we enjoy working with agencies, brands and startups to develop solutions that showcase each product whilst utilising our production capabilities.

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