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Embossed & Gold Pantone Soap Packaging

Our team were delighted to be approached by Peppermint Pear to discuss their packaging requirements ahead of their launch.

Producing natural, vegan-friendly handmade soap, the team at Peppermint Pear were looking for premium packaging that reflected the quality of their ingredients and brand values whilst also attracting customers and protecting the soap.

From an initial brief, we began to develop various solutions that would deliver on their ambitions for the soap packaging.

Bespoke Luxury Retail Boxes

The end goal was to produce packaging for their range of eight soaps that a specific colour would identify. The packaging would also be printed with a Metalic Gold Pantone colour before being embossed to add a texture for the brand's logo.

The first stage was to establish the product's dimensions, which with a handmade product wrapped in tissue paper is always a challenge. We worked hard to understand the tolerances required for the bespoke packaging to ensure the soap would have a snug fit without being too tight or bulging.

With both our companies having strong ethical values and a commitment to plastic-free packaging, Peppermint Pear and the Far'n 'Beyond team focussed on using solutions that were 100% recyclable and produced using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

One of the innovative decisions that came from this was the pressure self-locking boxes which do not use any glue but the weight and fit of the soap to hold the box in position.

We produced physical packaging samples to confirm that our calculations were correct and provided design guides to their creative agency after the testing phase to begin the design process.

With the concept agreed, we produced physical packaging samples to ensure our calculations were correct. We could then progress to the design and production of the packaging, with the artwork supplied by an agency to our specification.

"It was a pleasure working with Far'n'Beyond. They made the process of turning our designs into finished boxes straightforward and painless. Peppermint Pear's luxury soaps now have the packaging they deserve."


Once approved, we began on the first print run, producing all versions with their specified Pantone Colour to reflect the soap's tone. Once dried, we then overprinted the packaging in a Gold Pantone Ink with all the product fragrance, ingredients logo and intricate pattern.

Using Pantone inks ensures a consistent colour throughout the print run and on future orders. Gold can't be produced using standard CMYK ink combinations, which was also required as a Pantone colour to achieve the metallic texture.

The next phase of the production process was to emboss the sheets with the Pear logo and Peppermint Pear name on all sides of the box and sleeve. Stamping specified areas of the artwork with an embossing die to produce a raised texture to those elements requires a high level of accuracy to ensure alignment to the thin printed lines.

At this point, the sleeves were then die-cut to the specific shapes to produce the sleeve and corresponding box. They were then sent through a glueing line so that all the box sleeves were delivered pre-glued and made up ready for the soap to be added.

We love the look of the soap packaging produced for Peppermint Pear. A brand with strong social values and a product that is great for the environment compared to liquid soaps that last just a tiny fraction of the lifespan of a bar of soap.

The packaging brought together a range of complex finishing options, all of which required precision and attention to detail across all eight designs.

A great project to work on, the bespoke soap packaging was produced on a sustainable rigid folding boxboard, with print and finishing options that supported Peppermint Pear's ethical commitment.

We wish all the team at Peppermint Pear the very best and look forward to working with them as their business grows.

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