Packaging & Production

Product presentation is an important part of the decision-making process for a customer.

The team at far’n’beyond work hard to provide packaging and display solutions that ensure your products and offers are presented in the most attractive way.

Where appropriate, we use specialist materials and solutions for our packaging printing.

Using our skills and expertise in this area, we offer a full range of packaging solutions, from food packaging and boxes to innovative carton designs.

Product Packaging Sleeves

Packaging Sleeves provide excellent branding opportunities particularly for products with a short life span and that are hand finished such as tubs and food trays.

Printed using the appropriate materials and inks, all our packaging is produced with ease of application and aesthetics in mind.

Printed Presentation Boxes

Providing a cost effective solution to complex packaging requirements, our team can produce printed boxes, product holders and packaging suitable for use with food and refrigeration with a range of finishing options.

Working with small to medium runs, our finishing team are also experienced working within a controlled hygiene environment for items such as food packaging sleeves for the chilled and frozen foods industry.

Bespoke Packaging

Developing packaging solutions from concept to production, our expert design and production team can help produce high-quality custom packaging to meet the objectives of your product and campaign.

Working with retailers, marketing teams and agencies, we are a reliable and popular choice for marketing focused packaging development.

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