Embossing Print Finishing

Add a tactile finish to your printed project with an Embossing or Debossing stamp.

Embossing (and its opposite – debossing) alter the surface of paper or other materials by creating a three-dimensional effect on selected areas. The process is an extremely simple and cost-effective way of enhancing the look and texture of the paper.


Embossing emphasises a particular area of a design by creating a three-dimensional or raised effect. The area raised can be single level – where the area is raised to one consistent height, or multi-level which creates a more complex emboss.

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Embossing Plates

The embossing procedure requires the use of two magnesium, copper or brass dies, one that is raised and one that is recessed. The dies fit into each other so that when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die and creates the embossed impression.

A specific level of pressure is applied to the dies in order to squeeze the fibres of the paper, which results in a permanently raised area in the paper.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Debossing is when the image area is imprinted into the paper, creating a depressed effect. Like embossing, you can choose to leave the debossed area untouched or fill it in with ink or foil stamping.

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Textured Paper Finishing

Unlike embossing, debossing doesn’t interfere with the back of your print piece, giving you both sides to work with. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with embossing.

This process uses the same procedures as embossing, with the use of two magnesium, copper or brass dies, one that is raised and one that is recessed.

Specialist Print Finishing

We are able to combine a variety of print finishing methods to deliver truly bespoke literature and marketing collateral.

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