Foil Blocking

Foil is a highly effective way of adding a premium finish to your marketing literature, packaging or stationery print.

It is the application of pigment or metallic foils to paper where a heated die (engraved metal piece) is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface and leaving the design of the die on the paper.

Hot Foiling Blocking

Foiling is traditionally a separate process from printing and can be applied to almost all materials. Primarily used to add value to VIP invitations, gift cards, certificates or packaging; foil branding can be added directly to printed or unprinted materials.

We work with a range of retail brands to produce premium finished foil blocked products with paper and card stock from G.F. Smith, Fedrigoni and Wigston.

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Bespoke Foiling

From the completed design, metal dies are created in the appropriate shape for each colour foil to be applied. The dies are heated and then stamped with enough pressure to seal a thin layer of foil to the paper.

The foil is often metallic gold or silver, but can also be various patterns or what is known as pastel foil, which is a flat opaque colour.

Digital Foil Printing

Digital foil laminating uses heat to apply a metallic foil to selected areas of the print area.

Unlike traditional hot foil blocking, digital foiling doesn’t require the use of metal dies, it’s printed directly from artwork via a laminated film and roller. This means that there are no set up costs, making it ideal for short runs and smaller orders.

Digitally Printed Foil results in a flat print area finish, without any texture or de-bossing on the reverse of the paper. Foil laminating can be used for both small and large quantities, as it is a digital process.

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Foiling Colour Range

An extensive range of colours and finishes are available from pastels to metallics. Most generally used on business cards, stationery and brochure covers.

With a range of nearly 100 coloured foils from our foiling stockists, we can offer you an unrivalled selection of foils in all colours of the spectrum in metallic, gloss & satin finishes, and even have the ability to match Pantones in gloss and matt pigments.

Gold & Silver Metallic Foil Printers

Metallic golds and metallic silvers are the most popular choices, although transparent foils are available in both high gloss & matt clear plus a range of pearlescent options. These subtle effects can be a great alternative to Spot UV varnish on uncoated materials.

Our Pigment range of foil includes white and black, which provide excellent quality for many applications, which give a strong uniform colour and can be an excellent alternative to screen printing.

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