Bespoke Foiled Business Card Tags

Suitcase is the world’s first experiential fashion and travel magazine. Using an innovative approach of pop-up shops, events, print and online, Suitcase showcases its carefully chosen selection of global fashion and travel to its readers.

When the creative team at Suitcase got in touch with their initial artwork we were very excited – we absolutely loved the idea of having a map of the world foil blocked onto the business cards, which were then to be cut into the shape of a suitcase tag. Genius!

Gold Foil, Printing & Die-Cutting

Ensuring we delivered these within very short timescales to arrive with the Suitcase team for London Fashion week was a challenging, but fun project to take on.

Foil blocking is a process where a polyester film carrying a foil pigment is fed into a press, which contains a foiling die (metal plate) of the desired image, the die is then pressed against the paper trapping the film in between. A combination of heat and pressure release the foil pigment onto the sheet creating the foiled image.

In this case the client chose a Gold Foil which complimented the black print beautifully giving a very elegant finish.

Far'n'Beyond products and services utilised with this project include:

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