Die-Cutting, Creasing, Perforation, and Folding can be used to produce highly effective and engaging marketing literature.

Using die cutting forms, or tools manufactured from MDF and furnished with steel cutting, perforating or creasing rules we can produce small and large-volumes cut crisply and accurately.


Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of cutting a piece of paper or material to a customised shape. It is created by using a cutting forme/tool, which is formed into a specific shape, then cut through the paper.

It is processed on special machinery and creates a crisp, smooth edge which offers a consistent and very specific cut. The options and shapes are almost limitless.


Kiss cutting is one way of creating stickers that are different to die cut stickers. Kiss Cutting is one of the most popular methods for creating digital stickers and labels.

During the kiss-cutting process, the perimeter of each label is cut by a metal die or cutting forme – this cut does not penetrate the label's backing material, meaning the labels are easily peeled away from their backing sheet.


Creasing is a process that prepares the paper for folding by creating parallel folding points to change the shape / size of the paper.

In order to be able to fold a sheet with ease, the paper gets weakened along the designated creasing line, where a channel score is mechanically inserted in to the paper, which weakens its structure to enable the crease.
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Folding & Binding is an operation performed commonly after the printing process. Folding is performed using special devices, either in-line, or off-line on specialist folding machines.

These are some of the standard options that we offer:

Saddle Stitching (Staple Bound) // Perfect / PUR Binding // Wire Binding // Screw Bound // Case Binding // Singer Sewing // Layflat Binding // Bespoke Binding
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