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What is the Plastic Packaging Tax?

You’ve probably heard about the Plastic Packaging Tax, which comes into force next month. Naturally a tax increase is likely to raise prices for you, your suppliers and your customers. Yet this is a tax designed with sustainability in mind, as it aims to remove the use of unnecessary plastics and encourage you to look to more recycled materials.

At Far’n’Beyond, we’ve championed for a long time for innovative, eco-friendly promotional product packaging. But if you’re still using a lot of plastics in your organisation and you’re manufacturing or importing plastics today, you’ll be affected by the new tax, so here’s what you need to know...

Unnecessary Packaging

Where is the Plastic Packaging Tax applied?

From 1st April 2022, the government is imposing the Plastic Packaging Tax on all producers of plastic packaging in the UK. They estimate the tax will raise £60 million every year, which will support recycling initiatives and waste management efforts throughout Great Britain.

The weight of your plastic packaging determines how much you are charged (the tax has been set at £200 per tonne of plastic). That means the more plastic you use or dispose of, the more tax you’ll pay. Of course, the aim there is to encourage manufacturers to decrease the amount of plastic used in products, reducing the high levels of plastic pollution that causes significant damage to our environment.

Does the Plastic Packaging Tax affect you?

If you use plastic in your packaging, there are a couple of steps you need to take. Firstly, you’ll need to double check you qualify for the tax. The Plastic Packaging Tax only applies if you import and manufacture plastic packaging components containing less than 30% recycled packaging. 

If you’re using a high percentage of recycled materials in your packaging, you’re already off to the right eco-friendly start. However, you will need to confirm via the government website what packaging is considered recyclable under this tax scheme.

If you do need to register, begin by working out the weight of your taxable plastic packaging. Then, register for the Plastic Packaging Tax accordingly. At this stage, you’ll have to sign up if you’ve imported or manufactured ten or more tonnes of finished plastic packaging components within the last 12 months (or if you will do in the next 30 days). Once registered, you must check you’re keeping the right records and find out how to complete your Plastic Packaging Tax return.

How can you reduce your plastic use and your tax bill?

Most of our packaging customers won't be directly affected by the packaging tax directly, but will likely find prices of the products they use will have already had the tax applied.

At Far'n'Beyond many of our clients already focus on using eco friendly packaging where possible and select our printed recyclable presentation boxes and branded packaging sleeves for their outer packaging.

We don’t supply plastic tubs or microwavable food trays (your suppliers should apply Plastic Packaging Tax to these items when you buy them). However food packaging has developed a lot over the last few years with biodegradable and recycled plastic products becoming increasingly suitable. 

Product Packaging & Design

While you’re discovering new, plastic-free ways to package your products, we’ll support you with printing sustainable sleeves to pack around them.

Our packaging design and sustainable materials are then used to provide the detail that amplifies your product's appearance.

We are always looking at ways to reduce the use of plastics in print. For example our 100% Recyclable Shelf Wobblers are completely made of card, removing the need for plastic arms.

If you would like to find out more about our packaging products and services, please contact our team.

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