Shelf Wobbler Printing

Shelf Wobbler Printing

Our promotional shelf and bar wobblers are an affordable yet effective method of visual marketing. Hang them from your shelf edges and watch them wobble, catching the eye of the customer and drawing them straight to your product.

Adding another dimension to your POS display, our wobblers are printed on a premium thick card, with a self supporting card arm, negating the need for any plastic arm attachments, meaning this product is 100% recyclable, and plastic free.

Shelf Wobbler Printing

POS Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are designed for use with retail shelving units for retailers to display their offers and price tags. Printed in a 100% recyclable premium card, with a card wobbler arm, ensuring customers get the best view of your promotions.

Each shelf wobbler comes with a self-adhesive pad affixed for easy application; just peel off the backing and stick to the edge of your shelf.

Also known as shelf barkers, these low-cost marketing tools are designed to cut through the visual noise of busy store shelving; utilising 3D depth, with a ‘wobbling’ movement to draw consumers attention.

Eco Friendly Shelf Wobbler Printing

One of our key objectives at Far’n’Beyond is to consistently assess, and minimise, the impact that our business activities have on the environment. As a responsible business, we want to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, by making our manufacturing and distribution more eco-efficient and offering more recycled and recyclable products.

All of our shelf wobblers are printed on a premium thick card, with a self supporting card arm, meaning this product is 100% recyclable, and plastic free. Printed with the environment in mind, our materials are FSC Certified paper and are printed using the most efficient production methods to deliver value alongside reduced waste for recycling.
Shelf Wobbler Printing

Point of Sale & Retail Campaign Wobblers

The Far’n’Beyond team is experienced in producing a diverse range of promotional material for retail environments and corporate offices. Shelf wobblers are a popular, versatile product that can communicate key information such as core values, offers, brand message or price lists.

Working with our clients we often produce multiple items for distribution direct to stores.. Far’n’Beyond provides a single point of contact to enable us to establish a greater understanding of the project and business needs.
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Shelf Wobbler Shapes

Our range of point of sale will help your brand stand out at the point of purchase, where 80% of the buying decisions are made.

Available in a range of sizes and standard shapes such as square, circular and oval, we also offer fully bespoke custom shaped shelf wobblers which can be die cut to any specific shape to compliment your brand. e buying decisions are made.
Eco Shelf Wobbler Prices
Shelf Wobbler Printing

Eco Shelf Wobbler Product Information

Shelf Wobbler Specification

  • Lead Times 2-3 Working Days
  • Standard & Bespoke Shapes Available
  • No Minimum Order Quantity

100% Recyclable Material

All of our Shelf Wobblers are printed on 100& recyclable FSC approved material. Supplied with a card wobbler arm, and 100% plastic free.

POS Printing Turnaround & Delivery

We understand the challenges in retail and how the lead time can often be dynamic at best. We work with our clients to establish achievable and reliable delivery schedules to ensure our retail campaigns are delivered on time.

To find out more about how we can help with your print and production across multiple products and stores, please contact us.

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