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Eco-Friendly Shelf Talkers & Shelf Wobblers

With food and drink consumers demanding higher quality through simple natural ingredients, fewer additives, no preservatives and authenticity - there is an increasing overlap between the customer's and the barista's needs - that’s where Minor Figures come in.

For Point-of-Sale displays, the aim is always to attract customers to your brand, usually within a busy store, surrounded by various other products and brands. Minor Figures is no stranger to being a brand that really stands out. The simplicity of a stripped back pastel colour palette accompanied by groovy and humorous illustrations really captures the essence of the brand and its customers.

With such a strong brand identity, Minor Figures came to us for in store POS marketing that would reflect their core values of highly valuing craftsmanship, people, quality and of course sustainability.

The challenge given to Far'n'Beyond was to create a bespoke, all-in-one, eco-friendly shelf wobbler, without using the plastic arm that creates the ‘wobble’ motion that you usually see in supermarkets and retail stores. With our innovative eco-friendly solution, we created a shelf wobbler that is 100% plastic free, replacing this arm with a recyclable FSC approved card.

The challenge we were faced with was something we really thrived on, creating a custom cutter path based on the shape of a normal shelf wobbler. The product itself was tried and tested through various prototypes in-house to ensure the shelf wobbler would sustain a long shelf life and withstand heavy use within the store environment

These specific eye-catching shelf wobblers were produced on material that is both fully recycled and also recyclable. They are a great example of how printed marketing items can positively reflect your brand values - in this case demonstrating the importance that Minor Figures places on sustainability and high quality.

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