Packaging Design

Packaging Design

We bring brands to life with beautifully crafted packaging designs that attract and engage your customers.

Working with a range of clients across food, retail and product promotion, our team develop fitted packaging solutions from concept, prototype through to creative design and print production.

The presentation of your product to PR Agencies, Influencers or as part of a gifting campaign is as important as the product itself. A poorly presented product can undermine all the hardwork completed developing your product.

Our creative team work to design attractive packaging and supporting collateral, which is on brand and on message, so your product is given the maximum opportunity to make the right impression.

Packaging Design

Concept & Prototype Design

The first stage of our packaging process, is to fully understand the design opportunities around the product. Gathering dimensions, key product information and presentation needs, we work with our packaging team to develop suitable solutions that will showcase your product(s).

Understanding the communication goals and any existing branding, we then work to develop concept artwork that will fit with your brand, product, target audience and customer messages.

Creative Packaging Design

From our extensive experience, product research and discussion with our clients, the creative team are able to develop original artwork concepts, that ensure your packaging is memorable and pixel perfect.

Selecting appropriate typography and developing a clear structure for the required information, we give your packaging the space to breathe and define its position within its niche.
Packaging Design

Food & Drink Packaging Design

Food photography rarely looks great on packaging, so our team look to understand the products origin or customer experience when enjoying eating or drinking the item and then delivering a packaging brand that communicates this visually.

The colours, icons or images used on packaging, particularly within a busy retail environment are so important within the customers buying experience. Our team take all of this into consideration when developing an eye-catching and desirable food brand.
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Product Packaging Design

From children’s toys to premium retail gifts, the attention to the packaging design is crucial to the success of the product and its positioning within the market and against its competitors.

Spending time to understand the unique qualities of each product, the reasons a customer should purchase it and your brand values, we develop artwork designed to meet your goals and increase sales.
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Packaging Design

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