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The team at Far’n’Beyond have worked with Callidus Health & Safety for several years and are delighted to be engaged in their Marketing activity.

Following a review of their website, Far’n’Beyond set to work on producing a detailed evaluation of how Callidus’ services were currently offered and through market research and discussions with the Marketing Manager at Callidus, we developed a strategy that would ensure a clear journey for visitors whilst also establishing a structure for the services offered.

With a sitemap in place and content being developed, the challenge was to ensure the aesthetics of the website supported the content, demonstrating the values of Callidus Health & Safety and their quest to enable their clients to ‘achieve health and safety excellence.’

Critical to the success of the website in the wider context of Callidus’ marketing, several fundamental choices were made with the management team that provided the basis for the long-term communication of the business and it’s brand. Making these decisions early on in the development process will ensure a consistent message is deployed throughout the companies communication.

Following several reviews of the written content, final developments were made, including Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, SSL Certification, and requested adjustments before final testing and launch.

We-Are-Callidus-Website-Design-2Websites are the shop window of an organisation and with clear communication can remove several steps of the order process. Demonstrating the companies credentials and expertise through it’s content, case studies and blog, all build confidence in a potential client while informing existing customers of the full portfolio.

“Callidus is a multi-disciplined health and safety consultancy, providing expert support wherever health and safety risks need to be managed. We help organisations plan for success, protect their interests and perform to their best potential.”

In its first few weeks, the website has achieved several goals, increasing engagement, increasing direct enquiries and reducing the bounce rate.


“Far’n’Beyond have been a pleasure to work with over the last couple of years. They’re easy to work with, dependable and friendly and we are more than happy with the results of each commission.”
Danny Vyse | Marketing Manager

Our approach is to look beyond ‘website design’ and take a strategic approach to the position of our client’s online presence within their wider marketing communication. If you would like to discuss with us how we can help you with yours, please contact us.

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