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Mortgage Company Rebranding & Website Design

Pims is a transparent and colleague-focused business providing fair financial solutions to their customers, taking care of their personal, commercial funding, and associated needs.

Having worked with Pims Mortgage Solutions previously on a wide range of marketing material, they contacted our design team to discuss rebranding the business and developing a website to focus on their mortgage and insurance customers.

The primary objective of the rebrand was to ensure brand consistency through all appropriate touchpoints, such as printed materials, social media, and a new website.

Transitioning from 'Pims Funding Solutions' as the brand name to just 'Pims', the new identity had to be recognisable, memorable and unique, whilst also capturing the core values effectively.

Producing a cohesive identity that demonstrates the core values and sits professionally within the mortgage & insurance industry was at the heart of the project whilst also aiming to challenge the financial industry to differentiate Pims from other brands.

Mortgage Company Logo Design

The main brand mark was developed using a range of different shapes and edges to capture the various elements of what Pims sets out to do.

We considered the services that Pims offers their customers to represent insurance, mortgages and the friendly service offered by the company. Then we incorporated the P motif from the company name into the white space, to develop an accessible logo for their target audience.

The brand colours, shapes and simplistic font have all been carefully chosen to showcase the warm, friendly and caring approach at the core of the Pims approach whilst also aiming to communicate the efficiency that Pims offers all of their customers.

Brand Direction

Developing a design for the website with an icon set that is in line with the logo styling, we worked with the management team to produce a website structure that could be applied across all print and digital assets.

Working on the structure, terminology, tone of voice and image styling enabled us to put in place solid foundations for the brand for all future marketing activities.

At Far'n'Beyond we collaborate with our clients, with their best interests at heart, to produce an identity that reflects their company, considering their feedback and goals.

Website Design

With the branding complete, we set to work to develop an attractive and easy to use website that provided valuable information for visitors through concise and engaging written copy and design.

Once our marketing team completed the website structure and copywriting, we focused on developing a website that would be a valuable asset for the company's local marketing and growth strategy.

Pims receives most of their visitors following a recommendation or engagement on social media, so ensuring the website looks great on mobile and desktop devices was a key consideration.

We also looked at the user experience to ensure the essential company and product information is easy to access and digest, with the end goal of either a telephone call or email. A website form was also produced for many pages to encourage visitors to contact the mortgage and insurance experts.

The creative team spent time selecting imagery for each page that connected with the target audience, whilst other decisions were made based on the brand guidelines and feedback from the client.

We also assisted with on-page Search Engine Optimisation and website performance. Before launching the website, we set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics alongside email deliverability features for the forms.

Once tested and launched, we provided full access so the client could choose to host and manage the website on our 'Really Good Hosting' servers or take control of managing hosting or updating the website themselves.

If you would like to find out more about our website design, branding or company rebranding services, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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