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Recruitment Website Design & Build

The team at Far'n'Beyond were pleased to be approached by recruitment firm AR Resourcing to assist with the rebuilding of their website and refresh of supporting brand documents.

We started off by refining the current AR Resourcing branding to ensure a consistent feel across all elements, including social media graphics, introductory company brochures and stationery.

Creative Design with a Marketing Strategy

On the website, we started by looking at the groupings of products and services and how they can be better communicated to ensure a streamlined customer experience.

We decided to separate the Recruitment section into three clear sections and developed each as a standalone landing page, to help visitors get to understand the company’s specialisms without having to navigate a complex menu structure.

Website Design & Development

One of the key aspects of the website was the jobs section, which lists many of the roles managed by AR Resourcing. As a key part of the site, it was important to us that adding a new role was simple and straightforward for the whole team, without compromising on the look and feel of the section.

In addition to this, we also spent time ensuring the application process for each role was easy, alongside increasing the effectiveness of the online 'Submit CV' feature. Since the website has been relaunched, the client has experienced a significant increase in online CV submissions and newsletter signups.

Creative Digital Design

As a full-service agency, we also spent time bringing together the social media visuals, marketing literature and website with a selection of carefully selected images, design techniques and bespoke icon set, all designed to be viewed effectively across all applications.

“The team at Far’n’Beyond have added some fantastic creative value to our rebrand and I am really pleased with everything. The transition and overlapping nature of the elements implemented by the team, both digitally and in our marketing literature has been a smooth process, keeping everything consistently on brand with a new, fresh approach.”

Adam Richardson | AR Resourcing

Search Engine Optimisation & Content Management

The expert team at Far'n'Beyond also invested time in considering the search engine performance of each page, looking at load times, delivery of a mobile-first experience, ensuring engaging page content, titles and page descriptions.

The website also includes a blog section to allow the addition of content to engage visitors further and attract organic visitors.

We believe that our creative talent and digital expertise gives us a unique advantage when delivering a consistent visual experience to our clients across printed literature, online documents and websites.

Taking a strategic look at our clients’ businesses and getting to understand the values that are important to their customers has helped Far'n'Beyond become the go-to brand for many companies throughout the UK.

Website Audit & Marketing Review

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