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BBC Big Sing Creative Logo Design

Having previously worked with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, we were rather excited that they contacted us again to create another bespoke logo design for a project they had in store called ‘The Big Sing’.

‘The Big Sing’ campaign is to encourage and promote singing across Lincolnshire. It will highlight the work of established choirs and celebrate the creation of new ones by signposting people to where to go to join a choir. The year-long project will encompass all genres of community singing including Acapella, Barbershop, Gospel, Church, Rock, Military, schools.

The logo design had to encompass three things for us; the power of music and the unique choir element of this campaign, the element of radio broadcasting and also the people behind the amazing choirs and celebrating all of this together.

Logo Deconstruction

The Big Sing logo holds its own unique mark. The silhouette of a person singing combined with the microphone element, all within the music note, forms a single icon true to the BBC Radio Lincolnshire brand, giving it full ownership.

Music Note

The singular music note encompasses the overall aim of ‘The Big Sing’, to highlight and encourage singing across Lincolnshire. The music note also represents the choir element of ‘The Big Sing’. By having a single musical note it shows it’s universal, it can represent anything musical from Acapella & Rock music, right through to Gospel & Church.


The microphone element of the logo is tucked away inside the music note. This is a subtle touch to shout back to the roots of ‘The Big Sing’ which is radio broadcasting, using an old-school microphone as the motif.


The silhouette of the person singing again shows what the ‘The Big Sing’ is all about, celebrating singing across Lincolnshire. By having an ageless & sexless character, it shows that singing can be for anyone. The person also represents the choir element as a collective of people and shows how important the people are to ‘The Big Sing’. The silhouette is strategically positioned in line with ‘The Big Sing’ text as if the person is projecting these words.

Read more about the the BBC Big Sing Project.

At Far’n’Beyond we research our client briefs to deliver a considered design which not only delivers from a creative perspective but that also communicates with the target audience and marketing objectives of the project.

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