Clothing Company Logo & Branding GYMHUR

Clothing Company Logo & Branding

GYMHUR is a clothing brand that manufactures activewear, cycling wear, and motocross apparel targeting Europe, North America, and Australia.

The fashion company contacted Far'n'Beyond looking for a logo design and icon that disrupts the market and stands out amongst large global brands, bridging the gap between fitness and fashion.

As well as considering how the logo would print, embroid and look when applied to garments, it also needed to represent self-care, sports, and leisure to support regular physical activity for a better quality of life.

GYMHUR - logo development

Fashion Logo Design

At Far'n'Beyond our experienced creatives collaborate with our clients to develop effective, attractive and unique identities that are underpinned by design principles.

In a competitive and busy market space, our team researched and investigated various concepts, but in keeping with the brief, developed a fashion label that is dynamic and bold, standing out, whilst also communicating the values of sport and athleticism.

"Thank you so very much for your efforts and wonderful work. It was a pleasure dealing with you."


A sharp, tight logotype accompanied by a unique yet simple and bold icon was key to the success of the final design. This is particularly important for the icon shape, which stands on its own when applied to printing and embroidery.

The 'H' motif from 'HUR' has also been manipulated to create a minimalistic yet powerful motif that sits hand in hand with the logotype to achieve the above brief and aims.

GYMHUR - logo designCustom Logotype

The typeface has been customised in areas to create a well-balanced logo. For example, the 'G' was carefully adjusted with an angle cut to portray the unique, dynamic, and active values and beliefs of the GYMHUR brand & products.

GYMHUR - branding water bottle design

Brand Application

The application of the various logo lockups was kept in mind when designing the fashion brands icon and logotype.

As with all our branding projects, we considered how the various elements would communicate the company values in digital and print situations.

Most important for fashion brands is how the logo looks when applied to clothing and apparel. In these circumstances, it is often the case that a one colour option for print or embroidery is selected.

If you would like to find out more about the work we have completed with other fashion brands and logo design projects, please contact our team and we will be happy to help.

GYMHUR - sportsware branding design

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