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Audas are specialists in bespoke fit-outs, small works and refurbishment projects for the retail, leisure, hospitality, education and commercial sectors.

Having worked with Audas spanning a number of years and developing a strong relationship working with their brand, website and various marketing assets, it was time for a refresh across their brand and brochure.

“We engaged with Far’n’beyond to help us update and refresh our brochure, website and other marketing assets. The professionalism and experience they brought to the experience helped us resolve any challenges within the design process and ultimately has given us a great outcome we are extremely happy with. Thanks to Adam, Liam and all at Far’n’beyond”

Gary Jones,​ Support Services Director

Design Strategy

Having built a strong client base within the industry over the last 10 years, Audas weren’t attempting, necessarily, to attract new clients and customers on a widescale reach. Their reoccurring clients came to them yearly for large-scale projects. However, they realised that their values and the quality of work they put out didn’t match up across their marketing collateral.

Our Design and Strategy team made sure that these values that Audas stood for and the bespoke nature of the work they fulfilled, was defined throughout the brochure. Touching upon their in-house joinery service, which sets them apart from other competitors, was an important factor with the thinking behind how the brochure would follow.

Brand Identity

With the Audas team already having built strong relationships within the industry, their brand identity was something customers recognised, so shifting too much away from their existing identity wasn’t an option.

With this in mind, the design team made small changes to their existing logo, so that it operated much more strongly in the current market and held much more legibility when being used across the brochure design and other marketing collateral to follow.

Brochure Design

Through conducting market research and listening to what the Audas team had to say about how they operate, the core process of how Audas delivered their projects was refined within the new brochure.

With the design team deconstructing the previous brochure, the new look had to be much more streamlined in comparison to the previous. Simplifying the message of the brochure, and streamlining the use of its images, so it was clear what the purpose the images were for, was key. The brochure was split into: Concept & Design, Plan & Deliver, and then Our Services, a three-stage process that was clearly defined within the brochure.

Black cover pages were used on certain layouts, accompanied with a geometric sans-serif typeface to really ‘shout out loud’ what Audas delivered to their clients.

The new design shifted away from the structure of having a lot of elements on the pages, with the new design having a clean and simple feel to it, allowing the information to flow more naturally. Thus, it showed potential clients Audas’ strong values, valuing their reputation, relationships & people as a modern company.

Website Design

Once the brochure was approved, we then moved to applying the new style across the Audas Website, so that everything is consistent throughout all the companies marketing collateral. As with all our websites, we focussed heavily on the appearance, key messages and on page search engine optimisation.

Delivering a straight forward navigation alongside dedicated case study and news sections, the website was coded to ensure it is easy to update and manage, with the overall confidence of our Really Good Hosting for speed, backups and health monitoring.

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