Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Colour is an integral part of all design work but it is particularly important for corporate design in which tones, shades and hues can all be subtly utilised to back up and reinforce brand identities. In light of this, Pantone – the globally renowned colour company which is based in New Jersey – has announced its colour of the year for 2017 and a refreshing choice it is. 

New Beginings

The award-winning colour is a mid-green that is aptly named Greenery. The shade has been described by the Pantone Colour Institute as a ‘tangy yellow-green’ and has a very natural tone that is reminiscent of foliage. According to the colour experts, it “brings forth a refreshing take [on colour]… that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and to reinvent.” For anyone looking for a fresh colour, a new beginning or some colourful re-imagining, then Greenery may well be the on-trend hue on which to focus.

Why Pantone Colours are Important

As mentioned, getting colours right in design situations is crucial. The Pantone printing system allows you to match colours extremely accurately thanks to their much-used swatches. The basic differentiator between the swatch books that Pantone produce and those which are manufactured by competitor organisations is that the colours are printed with an incredibly high degree of accuracy.

In today’s interconnected global economy components for a product may be manufactured in different parts of the world. The use of a standardised Pantone colour system means that designers, manufacturers and printers can all produce the same colour, as specified by their client from their swatch.

This is obviously extremely important for a product or item of promotional merchandise which has several different parts that need to match when assembled. However, matching colours exactly is equally as crucial for graphic design elements. Whether you print your corporate logo on a sheet of letterhead, promotional merchandise or produce it on your website, the colour accuracy in print needs to offer a consistent message to your clients.

Wherever they are seen, mixed-up colours or slightly out-of-sync tones simply make your business look unprofessional or even worse: an imposter! The clever Pantone printing system helps the likes of Nike, Sony and Pepsi Cola, among many others, to keep their corporate identities standardised, uniform and trustworthy by repeatedly producing great colour accuracy in print.

What Is So Special About Greenery?

The Pantone Colour Institute has been naming a colour of the year since 1999 and each choice has offered a distinct visual identity from the others. For example, Radiant Orchid – a delightfully playful purple-pink – was chosen in 2014, while the brown-red of Marsala followed in 2015. Only once, in 2016, have two colours been chosen to share the title: Rose Quartz and Serenity, a calming pink and blue respectively.

Although blue-greens and a bright Emerald have been chosen before, 2017 is the first year to see a verdant green which is really natural in tone. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone, Greenery provides those who view it with “reassurance” in what she describes as, “a tumultuous social and political environment.” She goes on to say that the colour symbolises the reconnection many of us seek with one another, with the natural world and with a wider purpose in life.

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How Will Greenery Be Utilised?

A life-affirming shade, Greenery will be put to use in many original ways, but principally for brands and designs which want to seem ‘real’ and ‘natural’. In design terms, the colour will become emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions, eco-consciousness and vitality.

Expect the hue to appear frequently in the coming twelve months in a range of architectural designs, urban planning and landscaping projects. In graphic design, the colour is likely to be used for lifestyle brands, global organisations and corporations that wish to draw attention to their environmental credentials and trustworthiness.

Greenery, which also goes under the less exotic name of Pantone 15-0343, has already been mentioned by the organisation as one of its leading colours for the textiles industry. In its regular announcement concerning the top ten of colours for the fashion industry, which was made back in September 2016, Pantone tipped Greenery to be among the most-favoured tones used by designers for their spring collections of 2017.

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