10 Facts About Far’n’Beyond

March 2015 sees us celebrate 10 years of Far’n’Beyond and to celebrate, we took a look back over the last 10 years to reminisce and thought we would share the 10 most interesting and most quirky facts about Far’n’Beyond

Over the last 10 years we have produced over 30,000 graphic design, printing and digital media projects, working with clients throughout the UK and across the globe – from business start ups through to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Our diverse range of products and clients, alongside the team’s passion for delivering an excellent client experience, has helped us become the go to team for individuals, agencies, charities and corporate organisations.

As we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary, we thought it may be interesting to give 10 facts about Far’n’Beyond that will give you an insight behind the brand and the people who work here.

1. An Army Tank in Headingly

We now have a reputation for Graphic Design, Printing & Digital Media. Its hard to believe that in the beginning we also had a reputation in Headingley for driving around in an armoured personal carrier vehicle! Used for promotional events up and down the country we quickly drew attention from locals and enthusiasts for such a unique and unexpected vehicle.

2. It Started in a Discotheque

In the very beginning, Far’n’Beyond was setup to support nightclubs, bars, restaurants and promoters who were organising events and needed a reliable supplier to help them respond to the dynamic changes in visitor behaviour. In 2005, Myspace was the largest social networking site in the world and Twitter didn’t even exist! Far’n’Beyond seized on the opportunity for clubs and bars to have an online presence and launched several nightclub websites which drew almost double the visitors of a local radio station site through the galleries and comment functionality.

3. Dragons Den

We have been fortunate to work with several companies who have appeared on the BBC’s Dragons Den and have produced design and print for Peter Jones’ Youth Entrepreneur Initiative at various stages. Working with clients at the start of their journey has not only gained us a wealth of experience but also ensures we can offer the very best packages as part of a long term relationship.

4. Broadcasting & Media Clients

Our broadcasting exposure doesn’t stop at Dragons Den! We have worked on design and print projects with Capital FM, Classic Fm, LBC and Heart FM over the last few years and although we didn’t quite make it onto Channel 5’s ’The Hotel Inspector’ we did have print used in MTV’s ‘Geordie Shore’.

5. World Cup Printed T-Shirts

During the 2014 World Cup, we worked with one of the worlds best-known brands to produce nearly 5,000 t-shirts printed in two colours and double-sided, featuring some of the biggest names in world football. The project was a very tight turnaround with 8 design variations and was one of our most challenging and interesting projects.

Often working until beyond 2am in the morning, we pushed the boundaries of production and design to approve with teams in the UK and USA before printing, packing and delivering within record time to multiple locations for the promotional event.

6. RAR Recommended

We have now been RAR recommended for three years in succession. The RAR recommendation is awarded as a result of the positive feedback submitted by our clients to the RAR Agency.

7. Published Designers

Our creative team are at the core of our success and offer exceptional experience and understanding of the industry. Our senior designer has appeared several times in Photoshop Magazine and had projects published internationally.

8. Top UK Companies

We regularly work on graphic design, print and media projects with 3 companies that appear in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, an organisation listed as one of ‘Europe’s Fasted Growing Tech Companies’ (Source: Tech5), plus many more companies with outstanding credentials, drive and passion. The importance of providing the very best for our clients runs throughout our organisation and applies to every client.

9. Why Far’n’Beyond?

People often ask where the name Far’n’Beyond comes from – as you’ve read, it all started in a nightclub and Far’n’Beyond was the name of the founders’ weekly event. The concept was to put commercial R’N’B at the centre of the 2,800 capacity venue and that is exactly what we did!

At the same time as our weekly night was running, we were also approached by a national pub chain to produce video advertising graphics and quickly needed to get everything up and running from a commercial perspective. With the company already registered, bank accounts up and running, it was a simple choice! 10 years later and we are known for going Far’n’Beyond our client's expectations!

10. There is a bath in the toilets at Far’n’Beyond HQ

If you visit our office in Leeds, you may be surprised to see a bath in the toilets! The building that we work in used to be residential premises. As far as we know, none of the Far’n’Beyond team have ever had a soak in the bath though!

Far'n'Beyond Bath
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