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We have worked with Callidus for several years and over that time have been astounded and amazed by the numerous charity challenges that CEO Steve Hanson has completed and the limits he has pushed through to raise money for a range of great causes.

When we heard about his latest fund raising expedition, we were keen to donate and also help raise awareness for the challenge. Given our expertise and experience, we offered to build a website to provide a single point of information, run a live news feed throughout the challenge, and most importantly, to encourage people to donate money to Martin House Hospice.

Run with Steve Website by farnbeyond

Steve aims to run and cycle 1450km during the last two weeks of May, incorporating up to 14 full marathons and close to 75 miles on a bike every day from the south of England and then along the Atlantic Coast, finishing just before Spain. A tremendous task!

The aim of Martin House is to provide family led care for children with life shortening conditions. It is a place where children, young people and their families can come to stay from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.

Run with Steve Website by farnbeyond 2

The website was produced by our senior online media specialist, who worked to a tight deadline whilst incorporating several key elements such as a welcome video, blog and mobile friendly version of the website, ensuring a quick download speed and usability. A logo was also designed by our creative team to help give the website a clear colour pallet and identity.

If you would like to find out how our websites can help improve the presence of your event, campaign or business profile, please contact us for more information.

Run with Steve Website by farnbeyond 3

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