Silver Foiled Circular Cards – All About You

Cut Out Circular Flyers Printed One Colour plus Reflective Silver Foil

“It’s all about YOU” is a campaign by the ‘Union of Brunel Students’ that communicates their commitment to provide skills and experience for all students personal development.


With a strong design from the UBS creative department, the silver foil provides an eye-catching and unusual print finish on the circular cards which reflect the icons which have been used in the wider campaign.

Foil blocking is a process that includes a polyester film carrying a foil pigment which is fed into a press, on the press is a foiling die of the desired image, the die is pressed against the paper trapping the film in between.

A combination of heat and pressure release the foil pigment onto the sheet creating the foiled image.

An extensive range of colours and finishes are available, from the standard gold or silver to wood grain or opalescent.

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