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Based in Manchester’s Spinning Fields Wahu offers ‘design your own’ meals that are fresh, satisfying and full of flavour, with the option to dine in or take out.

The menu is structured in a way which allows you to choose each aspect of your meal. From the base to the toppings, their menu is full of quality UK ingredients, designed to get you through your busy day.

We have worked with Wahu on a variety of print management projects since it’s launch, including signage, window graphics, display and promotional literature. With a distinct colour profile, our experienced production team worked with their designers to ensure a consistent palette across the various materials and machines used for the printing.

Providing on site installation for the larger projects such as full sheet window graphics produced for the building glass front through to replacement internal menus we have been able to provide technical guidance and a better understanding of the company across all it’s print needs.

Delivering a complete print solution for Wahu has ensured we understand Wahu better, which enables us to offer guidance and support where appropriate, whilst also saving time and money with one single point of contact.

If you are looking for a reliable print production or large display installation service, with an experienced team, please get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

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Wahu Spinning Fileds Window Graphics
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Menus and Leaflets - Wahu Restaurant-11
Menus and Leaflets - Wahu Restaurant-1
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Menus and Leaflets - Wahu Restaurant-18

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