CCTVdirect Rebrand

CCTVdirect are a leading supplier of CCTV and security equipment in the UK and across Europe. Quality and service is a key focus with CCTVdirect supplying some of the country’s best known installers with first class technology.

Far’n’beyond were approached to rebrand the business with a fresh and modern look, in order to help CCTVdirect stand out from the crowd and provide a platform to develop better brand affiliation with existing clients and add further confidence to potential new clients.

The objective of the project was to create an identity that reflects the company’s core values, developing an engaging and cohesive brand identity.

Logo Design

The logomark concept is based on an amalgamation of a number of symbols; camera lens, power, play and arrow. The direct element is also represented through the dissecting line through the ‘c’.

Subtle modifications to the logotype adds uniqueness and helps give the branding ownership.

The elements have been combined into the final composition with careful consideration, precise spacing and negative space – to ensure the logo is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Brand Assets

With these elements, combined with the typography, colour palette and styling and rebrand presents simple, appropriate, memorable and future-proof solution for the brand.

If you would like to find out more about how the creative team at Far’n’Beyond can assist with you branding project, please contact us.

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