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Launching a new business is always full of challenges and can often be overwhelming. There is a never-ending list of decisions to be made, many of which can have a long term impact on your business success.

Trufe is a fully independent mortgage broker and commercial funding specialist based in Yorkshire sourcing the most suitable loans for customers no matter what their circumstances. The company is committed to providing simple, honest guidance throughout the process and being clear about all aspects of any agreement.

Phill Green, CEO and founder of trufe. approached Far'n'Beyond whilst the company was still in the planning and conception stage.

Trufe Mortgages Logo

At Far'n'Beyond we understand the challenges and common issues faced when starting up a company and we work with our clients to navigate them, providing guidance and support where appropriate.

As a full-service agency, we are perfectly placed to assist with the basics all the way through to detailed evaluation and consideration of the company name. We can provide email, telephone numbers and website domain names but in addition, will consider the implication of the chosen company name in search engine optimisation or how the colours of the logo may be perceived in relation to the product or service offered.

Marketing Strategy

Looking at the big picture is key to the success of a business and our most successful projects happen when we are involved with clients right from the very beginning.

Having worked with Phill from trufe. previously, we were delighted that he brought us in at the very early stages of his business plan. This enabled us to gain an understanding of the business and the key aspects that make it different to its competitors and discussing future plans. We were able to brainstorm various concepts and ideas before 'trufe' was even born.

Establishing the core values and unique goals of the business, our creative team developed the name 'trufe' incorporating the 'truth and honesty' values with the commitment to sourcing 'funding for everyone' alongside a straightforward approach to lending.

Branding & Logo Design

The logo needed to capture everything that the brand stands for and also work alongside the client’s vision to represent ‘the honest truth’, ‘what you see is what you get with no hidden features’ and ‘it’s there in black and white’.

Trufe Logo Concept and Meaning - Truth & Trust, Funding for Everyone, straight to the point.A clean, minimalistic, geometric sans-serif typeface was carefully selected that aligned with these values and slightly manipulated to flow together in the logo design to give it ownership. Along with the colour palette and other assets, the logo offers a simple & modern solution to the mortgage/finance world, which in other cases can be crowded and busy.

Once we had developed brand guidelines which include image guidelines, colour profiles and positioning rules; the finished brand was ready for development across various media including website design and print production.

Website Design

Using the information and research gathered from the branding process, our team had a head start when looking to develop a website that communicates the core values, reflects the industry keywords and ultimately attracts enquiries from visitors looking for mortgages and lending solutions.

Image of trufe.co.uk website designMobile device screenshot of trufe.co.uk

Utilising the in-house copywriting capability at Far'n'Beyond, each page has been carefully crafted to communicate the core aspects of the business, whilst also attracting specific targeted keywords for future organic search engine optimisation.

The website is built using WordPress and hosted as an independent entity which trufe. will have full access to. It is fully optimised from a technical and SEO perspective and benefits from ongoing updates thanks to the WP Fly WordPress Update Package.

Search Marketing

Beyond the website launch, Far'n'Beyond has also developed a search marketing plan that covers Social Media Marketing, Adwords & PPC advertising, Content Writing for Blogs and further webpage development.

Facebook Social Media Marketing ExampleBringing together the ability to focus on an SEO strategy whilst also being able to carry out the required technical and website developments enables us to remove many of the delays encountered when separate companies look at the various aspects of search marketing.

We continue to develop a lead focussed plan to increase website visits, enquiries and conversion.

Business Startup Branding, Design, Website Design & Marketing Strategy

"The guys at Far’n’Beyond have done a superb job and fulfilled every area of my business that I asked for, from the company name, design and brand identity right the way through to the website, social media and digital marketing.

From an initial meeting outlining what I wanted to achieve - Far’n’Beyond have pushed and challenged the original brief to produce a comprehensive brand that has surpassed my expectations.

I have full confidence in everything they do and the working relationship I have with them couldn’t be better. I am continually impressed with Far’n’Beyond and pleased to have found a company who I can trust to look after me and my business."

Phil Green | Founder & CEO | Trufe

Straight to the Point Marketing Advert for Trufe Money

If you are looking to start a business or develop a new brand, please speak to us for a quote and to find out more about the benefits of bringing all aspects of your creative under one roof.

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