Brand Identity & Annual Report Design & Print – CCATF

The CCATF’s mission is to encourage construction employers to train apprentices by working with industry peers and stakeholders to promote the benefits and value that hiring an apprentice can bring.

We have enjoyed working with the Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship task Force (CCATF) for the last few years, designing and printing their Annual Reports.

This year, Far’n’Beyond were appointed by CCATF to create a new brand identity in addition to producing the printed annual report. The strategy was to completely reinvent the logo, selecting an appropriate colour palette and primary typeface, in order to form a robust identity system.

Brand Identity

The logo-mark concept is based on an amalgamation of the ‘C’ from the brand name and an arrow symbol.

The arrow symbolises a number of key aspects; moving forward, a chance to start something new and a forward thinking ideology. The arrow is ‘built’ into the symbol with careful consideration and precise spacing – to ensure the composition is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

With these elements, combined with the principles of good design and typography, we have developed a simple, appropriate, memorable and future-proof solution for the brand.


Annual Report 2015-2016

We produced a vibrant, twenty page document, printed on premium 130gsm silk paper stock. We designed the report to clearly communicate and highlight the achievements of the CCATF, reflecting the core values, ethos and expertise.

The design delivers a clear and concise aesthetic – whilst remaining visually compelling – maintaining a balance of creative expression and legible structure.

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