Design Trends for 2016

Different factors can influence design trends, such as; new technology, popular culture and trends emerging from other creative fields. In this article we will focus on the web and graphic design trends that are likely to be popular in 2016. 

Card Layouts

Card layouts are looking like a highly popular layout choice for many websites in 2016. You may be the most familiar with the card layout style from Pinterest. Card layouts provide a simple way to block out small sections of information and images. Responsive design provides a good platform for card layouts to reposition and adjust in clean, uniform columns.


App Inspired Website Design

As we become more and more used to viewing content through native apps, the familiarity and features that can be transferred to desktop are being utilised in innovative ways. Hidden menus being an effective example of this, providing a way to make best use of the design space and keep aesthetics minimal.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll has been used primarily on social media websites, such as twitter and facebook. Infinite scrolling helps provide an uninterrupted user experience by allowing you to scroll through the history of a feed in chronological order, without jumping to new pages. Content rich websites, especially social platforms are likely to adapt Infinite scrolling in 2016.


As designers look for different ways to communicate stories, infographics provide effective solutions for visualising information and keeping users interested. New digital capabilities see infographics becoming more interactive.

Hand Drawn

In some instances, an illustration can be worth a hundred photographs. Hand drawn illustrations have had a resurgence in recent years and we expect them to blossom in 2016, alongside hand-drawn logos and typography. In particular hand drawn logos are set to have a strong year as they present brands an opportunity to channel a more personal connection. Building a flexible identity system around hand drawn design can present challenges. Often the answer is to develop a hybrid system that retains a polished continuity. 

Large Iconography

With the emergence of SVGs, icons and illustrations can be displayed on various screen resolutions without loss of quality. With the importance of design looking good across different devices and screens, SVG provides the platform to display large Icons and illustrations without restrictions on quality. 

By Jonny Delap – Senior Designer at Far’n’Beyond

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