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To mark the launch of this years #30DaysWild campaign by the Wildlife Trusts, the team at Far'n'Beyond embarked on a wild afternoon of balsam pulling and tree surgery in Rothwell, Leeds.

Rothwell Pastures is a Yorkshire Trust Nature Reserve which hosts a network of streams, meadows and a disused railway line, just outside of Leeds City Centre.

We were tasked with the removal of Himalayan balsam from the banks of one of the becks that run through the area.

Himalayan balsam is a problematic weed that shades out other vegetation, reducing diversity and killing off other plants. It also has very shallow roots, so provides little protection against river bank erosion.

Growing up to 3m tall it can produce 800 seeds each season, that can travel as far as 7 metres away. As a result, it can quickly overwhelm an area, and it was clear that was the case at Rothwell Pastures.

The team dug in and worked hard to remove as much balsam as possible and also took to helping clear the bridleway of overhanging tree branches and foliage.

Jumping over the beck, trying to dodge thorns and nettles whilst aiming not to swipe each other with the soggy roots of the weed was just part of the fun.

It was a warm and dry day, which was a relief, but tough going, many of us were aching for a few days afterwards.

A challenging but rewarding task, the event was educational and also provided an excellent opportunity to spend time together as a team out of the office doing something completely different.

We also had two younger members of the Far'n'Beyond family join us to ensure we were working hard and focused on the task.

"The Wild Work Day was a great way to give something back to our local area, help the native wildlife in Leeds and build stronger relationships across the team at Far'n'Beyond.

It was great to see everyone having fun, enjoying each others company and seeing different skills within the team. Most importantly, it was wonderful to know we were making a difference and helping the environment."

Adam Moody, Founder & CEO

Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust website if you would like to find out more about the corporate activities available in your area.

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