Reducing our Environmental Impact

One of our key objectives at Far’n’Beyond is to consistently assess, and minimise, the impact that our business activities have on the environment.

As a responsible business, we want to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, by making our manufacturing and distribution more eco-efficient and offering more recycled and recyclable products.

Providing a fully integrated service to our clients provides several environmental benefits, including a reduction in waste, by ensuring we utilise the most effective and efficient production methods and then use a single courier network for delivery, avoiding multiple deliveries.

Minimising our Impact on the Environment through our Manufacturing

Solvent Free Inks & Water Based Coatings

We use solvent free inks, which contain no VOC’s. Our inks are cartridge fed to ensure zero waste. All of our coatings are water-based & food approved. In addition, once the jobs are printed, the printing presses can be cleaned using a water-based cleaner as opposed to those which are high in solvents.

Recycling & Waste

All of our paper waste is recycled and we have strived to reduce the inevitable waste involved in producing our products and services.

In our studio, we operate a paperless order management system and our large recycling bins allow us to reduce as much plastic and paper waste as possible.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper

We use FSC accredited paper – which means our clients can be assured that the paper they choose comes from a certified forest that’s managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Recycled and Recyclable Products

If you would like to consider the most eco friendly products for your campaign, take a look at the lists below

Recyclable Items

These items use materials that can be partially or fully recycled after use.

Eco friendly Promotional Items

Through our sister company, Really Good Branding, we supply a wide range of eco friendly products. In addition to products that offer better and more sustainable alternatives to plastic items, we also offer a number of promotional items that are made from recycled or non-plastic materials.

To further ensure that consideration of the environment is integrated throughout the business, we support the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Carbon Scheme.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

We have worked with the Wildlife Trust since 2013 and this partnership enables us to get involved at a local level and actively engage as a team through annual workdays and awareness campaigns.

The Woodland Carbon Scheme

This is a unique scheme run by the Woodlands Trust, which enables us to offset some of our carbon emissions through the planting of new woodland trees.

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