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Conservation with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

At Far'n'Beyond we continuously review and develop our products and services to ensure that they are considerate of the environment whilst delivering the best outcome for our clients.

Recent changes such as switching to paper bubble wrap, using wood pulp ribbon, developing a 100% recyclable notebook and donating seed packets to local schools and community groups indicate how we aim to consistently improve.

Our recent team-building event with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust was no exception, as we geared up for a volunteering session to help maintain Hetchell Wood Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Leeds.

Volunteering in Leeds

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire, Hetchell Wood boasts a diverse ecosystem that supports a wide array of wildlife and plant species. Formed around a former sandstone quarry, the land, which is part of Bramham Park Estate, boasts eye-catching trees that have roots entwined around the rocks, a stream and walks that take in a wide variety of landscapes.

Our mission was to help to protect some of the trees and wildlife areas by replacing damaged wooden fencing and removing plastic fencing.

Working under the guidance of David from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the team dug deep to install several wooden posts and fence panels, which proved to be an exhausting challenge (we would usually photoshop it in) before clearing the pathway and boundary netting.

Our involvement in building and repairing fences and clearing access routes helps protect the delicate ecosystem of Hetchell Wood and ensures that visitors can appreciate and enjoy nature responsibly. 

Working Together for Nature

As always, it was great to spend time together outside of the studio and demonstrate our commitment to the environment by positively contributing to our local area. 

Having supported the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust since 2013 as a corporate member, it was great to experience another fantastic woodland protected by the charitable organisation.

"Everyone at Far'n'Beyond did brilliantly, getting stuck into each project with the enthusiasm, laughter and commitment that makes us such a fabulous team.

It is great to see everyone working together and see different skills in action to do something positive for the environment whilst supporting each other."

Adam Moody, Managing Director

As always, we would like to thank the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for being so welcoming and providing support and guidance for us to learn new skills and discover hidden talents. 

You can find out more about our Environmental Policy or our eco-friendly merchandise products across the Far'n'Beyond & Really Good Branding websites, or contact us for more information.

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