Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

At Far’n’Beyond we work hard to ensure all our printed products are dispatched and delivered safely, often with a good length of Bubble Wrap to protect the items.  We also produce printed presentation boxes for clients that distribute valuable items which are often protected by the air-filled pockets of plastic.

On the more challenging days in the studio, you will often find members of the team, popping the inflated plastic. A study in 2012 reported that just 1 minute of popping provides the stress relief equivalent to a 33-minute massage!

Bubble wrap was originally designed in 1957 to be used as a textured plastic wallpaper. It wasn’t a success as a decorative piece, but it did resonate with a member of the inventors marketing team as a packaging solution.

Originally called ‘Air Cap’ it was renamed “Bubble Wrap” and trademarked following its launch in 1960. It has since become the Hoover of the packaging world, being a general term for air-filled padding.

Bubble Wrap Olympics

To celebrate National Bubble Wrap Day we set a few challenges for the Far’n’Beyond team.

Silent Stroll
Who can walk the 1 meter of packaging without making a sound?

Pop Tastic
Who can pop the most bubbles in 30 seconds?
Escape the Bubble
Who is the quickest to escape after being wrapped in bubble wrap?

The winner won our coveted bubble trophy. However, the greatest amusement was watching Adam return to his desk after the Far’n’Beyond pixies had covered everything with Bubble Wrap!

We believe our small celebration is the least we could do on this special day in recognition of the Bubble Wrap product!

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