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Big Wild Walk with the Wildlife Trusts

In October we committed to taking on the Big Wild Walk challenge which was organised by The Wildlife Trusts.

The Wildlife Trusts are calling for at least 30% of land and seas to be restored and protected for nature by 2030, and in honour of this objective, they were asking people to take on a variety of challenges based around the number 30 to fundraise money for the cause.

Big Walk Wildlife trust

Supporting our local Wildlife Trust

We are very proud to have been active supporters of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, our local Wildlife Trust, for nearly 10 years and we really enjoy getting involved in their campaigns and volunteering days.

As a business, we understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that we try to limit and offset our environmental impact and build a company for the future with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility.

To see more on how we have supported Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in the past, this page shows all previous posts.

The Big Wild Walk

We set an ambitious target of raising £300 for the Big Wild Walk challenge.

From 30km walks and challenges for the youngest members of the Far’n’Beyond team, it was great to get involved!

Completed during an extremely busy period at Far'n'Beyond, it showed the dedication of the team to literally go the extra mile to help raise money for the campaign. A great achievement for all of those who completed the challenge as time was not on their side!

Our main contributors were Liam and Sam and also Anne-Marie’s children who were willing participants (mostly!) once they understand the importance of the cause and what the donated money would go towards.

The Challenges

Anne-Marie's Children - 30 Forward Rolls and 30 Star Jumps

The children did a superb job and each of the boys did a different age-appropriate task. The eldest completed 30 consecutive forward rolls, which he find quite difficult and was very tired doing the last few rolls!

The youngest participant at age 4 did 30 star jumps at the same time, which he managed, but did find hard towards the end. Both boys were very proud of their achievement and between them, their efforts raised an amazing £45.

Liam - Walking 30km

Liam raised the most money in the team, over £100, which is fantastic! He told us a bit about how he completed the kilometres…

“I set myself the challenge of walking 30km across the week which I found more difficult than I initially thought, trying to cram it all into a busy week. I completed this in 8 walks overall, finishing off with a 11km walk on Sunday around my local nature reserve.”

Liam, Graphic Designer

Sam - Walking 30km

Sam also walked an impressive 30km in a week and raised a great £30 for the cause. He managed to fit in some fun completing his steps as the day he walked the furthest was actually at Alton Towers!

The End Total

Overall as a team Far'n'Beyond raised a fantastic £258 for The Big Wild Walk, which we are all really pleased with. It's great to know that the money will go towards some vital nature restoration work.

Well done Far'n'Beyond Team!

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