7 Image Resources Every Marketer Should Know About

If you thought that the visual marketing trend couldn’t get any stronger, you’d be wrong. Brands are utilising everything from Pinterest and Instagram to Periscope and Blab to convey visual content to their audience. If you hope to make a dent in conversations in 2016, it is imperative that you strengthen your visual marketing game.

One savvy way to boost your brand’s ability to connect with customers is to build a trusted collection of visual media resources. While great options like Canva, Pexels, and Pixabay are well-known, there are also a myriad of other options available to marketers who are willing to do a little investigation. If you want to build your own collection of visual marketing resources, following are seven sensational sites that you’ll want to add to your must-use list.

Barn Images

Barn Images offers hundreds of free, high-resolution images. All their stunning photographs are available for both commercial and non-commercial use. No attribution is required, although they do request that you share their service with others via social media or a link on your website or blog.



Trunklog is another fabulous place for marketers on the hunt for stock photography. Choose from scenic landscape images, artsy graffiti images, or inspiring architectural shots. All photographs are free to use courtesy of Magnus Jälthammar.


If you prefer to create your own images, check out Gliffy. This handy web interface lets you do everything from create flowcharts to design diagrams. Show your audience mind maps, work flows, or developmental processes with your custom graphic images.


Skuawk is a must-discover resource for marketers. Hunt for images for your blog posts, infographics, or Pinterest pages. You’ll uncover urban city images, wildlife photos, landscape shots, and people pictures too.


If you’re looking for background patterns and textural images, add NoblWeb to your visual resource list. Here you’ll find free-to-use pebble backgrounds, weathered wood textures, and awesome tree bark shots. This site also contains a selection of people and scenery shots, but the background patterns are the real secret here for marketing masters.


If you need food images, this incredible resource offers images of everything from coffee and desserts to baking and exotic dishes. Do not browse this site on an empty stomach! All images are free to use with or without attribution (no reselling allowed).

Negative Space

Negative Space is another fabulous resource for free-to-use photographs. Search for images by colour or by topic. Find everything from black-and-white images to business photos and colourful backgrounds. Their abstract images are particularly enticing.

The above resources are just some of the fabulous options available to savvy marketers on the hunt for images and visual marketing tools. Maintaining a list of image resources helps you create header images for your blog posts, social media images for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and also helps you use powerful tools like Canva.

Importing free-to-use images into Canva is an excellent way to boost the usability of this already fabulous resource. Whether you’re creating slideshows, infographics, or brand marketing materials for direct mail, having a fully-stocked visual media resource list is crucial.

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