Brand Identity & Design – Primary Sports UK

Primary Sports UK provide elite sports coaching to children of all ages, ability and backgrounds. The target audience includes; Children (predominantly aged 3-12), Primary Schools, Parents, Teachers and Local Authorities.

The aim of the project was to create a clean and modern logo, that conveys the core brand value – ‘open to everyone’. The Far’n’Beyond studio has developed the brand identity design for Primary Sports UK, producing; the logo, colour palette, brand guides, promotional print and stationery.

The logo has been designed with a clean and modern style, combining elements to create a strong logomark and legible logotype.

The inspiration for the logomark originates from the form of a shield—a well-known sporting ornament—that has appeared in many sporting badges and crests.

This particular rendition differs from the majority because of it’s contemporary and minimalistic style. The shield opens at the bottom, which reflects the brand’s message ‘open to everyone’. The opening at the bottom also creates a tick on the right side, which represents approval and acceptance, this again reinforces the brand core value.

To find out more about our approach to branding and logo design, and to see other projects that we have worked on, please see here or contact us to discuss further.

1 logo 2 Sketch 3 Colour Palette 4 Primary Typeface 5 Leaflet  7 Leaflet 8 Business Card 9 Business Card 10 Apparel 11 iPhone Wallpaper


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