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Internal Comms Logo Design

The Far'n'Beyond team were approached by Trimble, who were aiming to create a set of sub-brand logo designs.

The main challenge was to create 3 unique logos that work together in harmony and intertwine with the existing Trimble identity.


Powerful, functionally-rich and designed to deliver long-term return on investment, Manhattan is the complete real estate management system.

The Manhattan logo is an amalgamation of some of Manhattan's key features, crafted with careful consideration and precise spacing in order to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced logo design.


CenterStone is a feature-rich solution specifically designed to help organisations streamline the tactical work of managing workspace.

The CenterStone logo concept is visualised through the brand initials, within an appropriate composition. A primary focus was on clear space, simplicity and form - in order to reflect the versatility and capabilities of CenterStone,  the outer shape is used to create the overall bold form and represent 'workspace'.

Space Scheduling

Space Scheduling transforms room & desk booking with an end-to-end software solution that optimizes the utilisation and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated services.

The Space Scheduling logo design was created with the aim of conveying the ease of access through bookings, management and optimisation of flexible working space. To add some further uniqueness, two of the 'calendar days' are joined to create a subtle desk shape, hinting towards workspace.


The Far'n'beyond team fulfilled the brief by delivering 3 innovative brand identities. With the key aspects represented – in combination with the principles of good design and typography. The end result is a set of appropriate, memorable and future-proof brand solutions.

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