What Makes an Effective Logo Design?

An effective logo should be memorable, immediately recognisable, simple and unique. Your logo should also connect with the audience and reflect the beliefs and aspirations of the business.

How to create a great logo design that works

For a logo to become memorable it should have a simple, yet appropriate form that conveys the intended message of the business. Creating a memorable logo, along with good placement, helps lead to the logo becoming more easily recognised within the target audience.

Logos need to be scalable. Overly complex Logos will lose detail when printed small or viewed from a distance. Unnecessary details need to be avoided because they hinder the clarity and ultimately the effectiveness of a logo.

It’s very important for your logo to have differentiation/uniqueness. Often cheap logo services use stock imagery to produce logos. The result could potentially mean elements of the logo could be in use elsewhere.

We work hard to ensure all of the key aspects are implemented and are used to complement one another to produce a desirable logo for you. If you care about the success of your business it makes sense to invest in the logo design and branding of your company.

By. Jonny Delap.
Senior Designer. Far'n'Beyond

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