How to Prepare an A6 Flyer for Print

These steps can be used to check artwork is suitable for print.

Begin by taking whatever artwork you have and changing it to the correct format; in the case of an A6, this is 111mm x 154mm at 300dpi in CMYK.

To do this, open your artwork in Photoshop and drag it into a new template document prepared to the above specifications or downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Then resize your artwork to fit (if needs be) and check that no text, logos or images cross the 3mm bleed area as these will may be trimmed off in the finishing process. Next, we compare any colour differences that may have occurred between RGB and CMYK and then zoom in to 50% to check the quality looks clean without any compression or blurring.

Lastly, save it as a high resolution jpeg (if using photoshop) or PDF if using illustrator and send it on its merry way, always keeping a copy on file of what you sent, and what went to print.

The problem with photoshop, is that it doesn't declare bleed and trim lines. So these need to be added in Adobe Acrobat - or your printer can easily do this for you.

Illustrator and InDesign are built for this and can export your artwork with bleed and trim guides.

You can tell if it has all worked by opening your finished PDF in Photoshop, where you will be shown a dialogue box with the dimensions. The trim box should be 105mm x 148mm and the bounding box should be 111mm x 154mm.

Tips to remember when sending in artwork:

Your flyer will be trimmed down once printed. Keep text, logos and images at least 3mm from the edge of your design (providing you design at the correct size).

  • Careful Resizing: Remember that what is a 3mm bleed on A5 is less than 3mm on A6, so please bear that in mind when asking us to resize artwork, and also design flyers to size if possible.
  • PDF: If you are sending print-ready artwork as a PDF, please make sure it is flattened. Certain elements can adjust between versions of software, fonts can change, and what we see on our software may not be what you see on yours. To ensure consistency, try not to send layered PDFs for print.
  • Spell Check! We might have a peruse of your flyer whilst preparing it for print, but we will not be going through it with a fine-toothed comb assessing your grammar. If we spot a mistake we will tell you, but it’s definitely not something to rely on!

Download Our A6 Flyer Template Here

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