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The story of GF Smith can be traced back to 1885 when George Frederick Smith, along with his partner and eldest son Thomas Brooks Smith, founded their paper merchant business and set about sourcing the finest specialised papers from mills across Europe and America.

Throughout the war years the company managed to keep going despite a lack of supplies, the loss of staff to the war effort and the bombing of both the factory in Hull and the London office.

The 1960’s brought advances in the field of graphic design and graduates were emerging from art colleges with new skills and ambitions. GF Smith embraced this and whilst developing a strong corporate identity they began to build thriving relationships with these young professionals with promotional material showcasing the new printing technologies and specialist materials.

On the back of the evolution of production methods, a new product range of vibrantly coloured paper called Plan 8, was introduced, which in 1972 became known as Colorplan. Capitalising on the young creatives’ demand for innovative materials, the Colorplan range of 40 colours quickly became a popular choice, available in a variety of sizes and paper finishes.

Colorplan Today

In today’s digital world, the range of specialist material and printing methods have helped transform what is achievable to end-users. Brand identity and visual impact are key, making well-designed and manufactured promotional goods essential. In addition to Colorplan’s now standard 50 colour palette, clients can create unique and brand-matching colours using Pantone references, with a choice of 8 stock paper weights from 100gsm to 700gsm.

The recent developments in digital print equipment – allowing easy support for printing white without the previously high setup costs – has further ensured that short run specialist production on a specialist material is more achievable and accessible to clients.

A wide range of specialised material and processes are possible using the standard range including duplexing, triplexing, embossing and foil blocking. These techniques combine material colour, textures and additional finishing options to produce attractive and unique finished products including books, literature, stationery, brochures and business cards.

GF Smith also offers a bespoke service whereby non-standard weight and sheet sizes are available – however, there is a minimum order requirement of one tonne!

The Colorplan range delivers an accessible and inspiring range of paper that combined with the right campaign can provide exceptional value to your brand and message.

The team at Far’n’Beyond understand how selecting the correct material can enhance the impact of a project. There are so many paper types available that need to be matched to the production methods involved.

This is just a taster of the versatility and capabilities that Colorplan can offer. There is a wealth of material available at Far’n’Beyond to help make your product and brand stand out from the crowd.

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