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100% Recyclable Selfie Frames

At Far'n'Beyond we are always looking to ensure that we offer the very best products to our clients, whilst also ensuring we take into consideration the wider impact of our business on our environment and surrounding area.

We are delighted to have switched all our selfie frames to a new material that can easily be recycled and removes the use of PVC which cannot be recycled and is often shipped abroad for landfill.

Our cardboard selfie frames still deliver the same high-quality print and photo opportunities, whilst also being easily recycled in all paper and cardboard recycling streams.

The First 100% Recyclable Selfie Frame Printers!

As one of the leading corporate selfie frame printers in the UK, we are delighted to now be the first to offer a 100% cardboard Eco-Friendly Selfie Frame.

Since introducing our long-lasting scratch-resistant recyclable bubble board selfie frames several years ago to remove PVC from our frames, we have been looking to go further and source a suitable weatherproof material that can be recycled in domestic recycling bins.

Whilst Bubble Board is an excellent replacement for PVC selfie frames, it is not widely recycled in domestic recycling. As such, we felt that although it is technically 100% recyclable and long-lasting, it is still likely to end up in landfills as general waste.

After significant time testing, adapting and improving the product, we are really happy to now produce all our frames on cardboard as standard.

100% recyclable selfie frames
100% recyclable selfie frames -mental health matters

Cardboard Selfie Frame Printing

Our 5mm thick cardboard selfie frames can be disposed of in all paper and cardboard recycling streams, which will help ensure they are regularly and easily recycled.

84% of corrugated cardboard is recycled, so we can be confident that our frames are likely to be seen again after use and with the origin substrate made from responsibly and sustainably sourced paper and card, it is much friendlier to the environment compared to any other options currently available.

Manufactured in the UK, the material is produced by a multi-ply lamination the process results in a smooth and consistent surface that can be printed on both sides.

100% recyclable selfie frames - picture frame

Cut Out Card Board Face Spaces

Machine cut using state of the art equipment and printed to the highest standards, we have tested the frame to ensure it is suitable for photography, printing directly to the board to reduce reflection.

Whilst the reverse of the frame is not as neat on complex cut out shapes, due to the nature of any cardboard material, this is not seen by the photographer and is the only small compromise in comparison to other products.

The visual experience is of the highest standard, with a printed board that can withstand exposure to light rain and changing temperatures without any difficulty.

Plus, unlike all plastic selfie frames, our cardboard facespaces can be recycled in any bin that accepts paper or cardboard.

If you would like to find out more about our cardboard selfie frames, or other products that we can produce using this material, please contact our expert team and we will be happy to hlep and discuss your requirements.

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