100% Recyclable Selfie Frames

At Far’n’Beyond we are always looking to ensure that we offer the very best products to our clients, whilst also ensuring we take into consideration the wider impact of our business on our environment and surrounding area.

The First 100% Recyclable Selfie Frame Printers!

As one of the leading corporate selfie frame printers in the UK, we are delighted to now be leading with our new Eco-Friendly Selfie Frames.

Since introducing our cardboard selfie frames several years ago, we have been looking for a more environmentally friendly solution for our promotional items.

Bubble Board Printing

Printed on a specialist bubble board, the new recyclable frame offers additional rigidity, reduced weight and a more robust product, without compromising on print quality.

Really Good Branding Recyclable Printed Selfie Frame

The specialist board is made from polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable. It is also made from up to 25% recycled content from side trim and reworked material from the factory waste output, adding further to its environmental credentials.

Once at the end of its life the recycled boards can be disposed of in any recycling bin that accepts plastic materials.

Traditional materials are bleached to appear white throughout, whilst the inner bubble core of our printed selfie frames now appears black, reducing the amount of bleaching required. This also means it is fire-retardant.

Environmental Recyclable Printed Selfie Frame

Bubble Board vs Foam Board

We have been trialling and testing the new bubble board material across our product range and aim to replace, where possible, the use of PVC with this innovative environmentally friendly board over the coming months.

Advantages – The bubble board material is very lightweight, but also rigid due to the honeycomb structure that runs throughout. This makes it great for transporting and avoiding damage if it is dropped. However, it is the recyclable credentials that make it a preferred choice for many of our clients.

Far'n'Beyond Recyclable Printed Selfie Frame

Disadvantages – In comparison to our 5mm PVC Board, the hexagon internal ‘bubbles’ mean that complex cut out shapes can’t be achieved and edges are exposed. The colour can also appear less vibrant due the nature of the material in comparison to the coated PVC.

With this in mind, we believe that for our standard promotional selfie frames, the bubble board is a great product. Its rigidity ensures it lasts longer, withstanding transportation and regular use, whilst also helping the environment thanks to it being 100% recyclable.

Radio Station Recyclable Printed Selfie Frame

Finally, we won’t be increasing our prices! All our printed selfie frames will remain at the same price, without any changes to our key values of Quality, Service & Expertise received from our dedicated team.

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