Book for Designers

Books for Designers

There are sources of inspiration all around us, our environment, the internet but one of the best sources to find fuel for creativity are books.

To celebrate world book day our creative team took some time out to discuss the books that have influenced them.

Know Your Onions: Graphic Design

Liam looked at the book that was a reliable resource whilst studying graphic design at University.

The book for me, especially when at University and starting out as a designer, was Know Your Onions: Graphic Design by Drew De Soto.

I found it really helpful as it had quick tips and tricks and shortcuts to design problems and queries as a beginner designer. It also made things really simple and practical, without being overwhelming as design can sometimes be.

I still use it the odd time now if I need a quick answer to something that I may be struggling with.


Senior creative Jonny considered several books that he has not only been inspired by, but also featured in!

"Logotype By Michael Evamy– I found very inspirational over the years.

I also had some work featured in the hardcover Logopond book V1, by David Blanchett, which showcases identity work from designers around the world over a six year period.

You Are Amazing

With a particular interest in packaging design and design for print, Sam takes a look at the books that inspired him to become a designer.

"What book inspired me to get into design? Believe it or not, a tiny book that I received for my 13th birthday from my parents. It wasn’t just an ordinary book. It was a book with inspirational quotes from celebrities and inspirational people.

You Are Amazing: Uplifting Quotes to Boost Your Mood and Brighten Your Day By Summersdale.

Other than the quotes being inspirational, the actual layout and design of the book is what interested me. Simple pages, use of great fonts that paired well with each other really stood out to me. The simplicity of it was just great, and of course, I wanted to find out more on how it was made.

Becoming a teenager is huge part in life and at thirteen, this book influenced me on choosing what I was going to study at high school (and then college after), and I knew it had to be digital/design based – I was always that kid who would be first to run to the computers in primary school and load up paint and just express myself."

Pantone Book of Colours

Finally, we spoke to Managing Director Adam who took a more resource-based approach to his collection of essentials whilst being on-brand with his top pick.

"As a self-taught designer, I used to be a regular reader of Advanced Photoshop and in fact, several of our team have featured in the monthly magazine over the years.

One of my favourite books was a gift from Far'n'Beyond's very first designer - How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy. As we began our journey 15 years ago, it has been a valuable reminder of how important it is to keep true to our creative values.

Having said all that, the book I use the most is probably the book of Pantone Colours. A valuable resource, especially when working with bespoke printing projects, printed merchandise or developing brand guidelines.

These are also supported by the stunning resources from our two key paper suppliers G.F.Smith and Fedrigoni."

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