Promotional Video Editing

At Far’n’Beyond our in-house team are on hand to help our clients navigate the many challenges faced by marketing teams. In this instance, Love My Beach were looking to compile a short educational video.

Working with the client a short brief was compiled and a suitable soundtrack licensed for distribution along with the supplied video files.

The first video targeted dog owners who enjoy the coastline, reminding them of the damage harmful bacteria in dog poo can cause to the habitat and other beach users.

LoveMyBeach promotes the benefits of beaches in the NorthWest and in association with turning tides, works to keep the local beaches clean and accessible.

We have also worked with the organisation on several further campaigns all designed to raise awareness of the value to the local area of the beaches and events to help maintain, protect and develop the seafront.

Either using stock video content or supplied video files, we are able to produce promotional videos for social media and website distribution.

Far'n'Beyond products and services utilised with this project include:

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