Star Wars Inspired 3D Floor Graphics & Lift Branding

With the release of the latest Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’ due for screening in the Light’s Vue cinema, the Far’n’Beyond team were approached with the aim of creating a Star Wars themed lift.

The Design team created a number of rough concepts to discuss with The Light’s Marketing team and following discussions, a spaceship command centre concept was chosen for further development.

The vision would be achieved by applying 3D vinyl stickers to the glass lift panels and using a 3D floor sticker situated within the lift. A command centre theme offered the perfect opportunity to link to the sci-fi film genre and create an effective and practical environment within the space. The aim to help drive engagement from passers-by and Star Wars fans in particular.

To add to the experience we created a further dimension by introducing audio to the lift, which would play via a motion sensor. When stepping into the lift, the motion sensor detects movement and plays the audio track. The audio was created by mixing a number of appropriate audio samples, including command centre sounds and futuristic beeps to give a further nod towards the theme and make the experience come to life.

The Lift doors were transformed into futuristic spaceship doors with screens either side displaying the Light’s logo stylised to give a subtle hint towards the film.

Within the lift, the command centre presents a view out into a vast galaxy. The design creates an awe-inspiring viewpoint, as you step into the spaceship command centre. Combined with the audio element, we have created a unique experience – very different from your average lift journey!

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