Charity Report Design & Printing ChildHope

Charity Report Design & Printing

The team at Far'n'Beyond were delighted to work with ChildHope to design and print the charity's strategic report.

ChildHope is an international Charity supporting children who are considered the hardest to reach.

With many children unable to enjoy a safe and secure childhood, the charity undertakes various activities to raise funds and awareness to initiate change and ensure such fundamental rights are realised.

Projects by ChildHope aim to tackle various issues such as Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, Child Labour, Early Marriage and Gender Equality. Through a network of local partners, the charity has made tangible differences in children's lives across the world.

If you would like to find out more about ChildHope and their work, please visit

childhope, brochure front cover

Creative Brochure Design

ChildHope contacted us with a brief to design and develop their five year strategic framework publication, along with various infographics that would highlight key areas of ChildHope's structure, goals and aims. The infographics would also be used throughout the organisation's digital platforms and future publications.

Following a brief conversation and quote for the studio time to produce the design, we began the creative process to develop an attractive, coherent and informative document.

The general tone and layout of the brochure were created using the existing brand guidelines and pre-selected imagery. We then designed a page structure that provides consistency throughout the report and give creative flexibility to accommodate pages and sections that required more content than others.

With areas & topics that required more body copy, the use of white space and quotes allowed the information to flow and hopefully not overwhelm the reader.

"I just wanted to let you know the printed version arrived yesterday, and they look so good! The design has really worked for this piece, so we are thrilled. Thanks for all the hard work and patience getting this project turned around."

Marcus, Fundraising Officer


Infographic Design

To visually demonstrate areas of ChildHope's five year framework, we also produced easy to understand infographics.

Our first example shows ChildHope's adoption of an 'ecological model' that examines each layer of the system that surrounds the child and build mechanisms that allow them access to support and protection and the means to grow and thrive.

The aim of the infographic is to show each priority and focus area within the strategy connecting back to one or more layers of the ecological model, using colour and icons integrated within the main shape to do so.

Infographic showing areas of collaboration within the print & design process inside view of Brochure and infographic

Understanding the Brief

We spend time getting to know our clients and understand the aims of each project so we can inject our creativity to meet their goals.

With the ChildHope brochure, we developed an easy to digest, informative, and 'on brand' document that effectively communicates the charity's five-year plan.

childhope brochure inside view

Design & Print

Following on from the design, we provided a digital copy, which was optimised for email and printed physical copies of the report for distribution.

The stapled brochures were printed on a silk material, which showcases vibrant images whilst also not being too glossy, so it is easy to read. The document was stapled with thicker 300gsm covers and magazine-style 150gsm inners before being securely packaged and dispatched.

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