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Branded Mailing Box Sleeves

The simplest designs often require the greatest care.

FLON (For the Love of Nature) is a family-run business producing sustainable products to help the planet. An eco-conscious company, Flon's aims to rid bathrooms of plastic and introduce natural, beautifully designed alternatives.

At Far'n'Beyond we work with companies to produce attractive packaging sleeves that showcase their brand and product information. A low-cost alternative to printed boxes, different artwork designs and quantities can be printed across an order which often helps reduce waste.

Eco Friendly Packaging Sleeve
Flon Mailing Boxes

Printed sleeves for boxes

Ahead of the launch of a range of curated, eco-friendly gift boxes that include some of their most popular products, Flon approached us looking for a selection of printed box sleeves.

Their bespoke gift boxes needed a packaging solution to match their sustainable aims, balanced with an attractive appearance to appeal to customers buying the sets as presents.

Our team focused on understanding our client's business and ethics to create a selection of branded box sleeves for their postal gift sets. 

Eco Friendly Packaging Sleeve and Products

Recyclable Box Sleeves

Using a supplied box, our team measured and tested sleeves that would wrap around the box whilst also fitting effectively onto a printed sheet to maximise the available print areas.

With the template approved, our team printed the supplied designs on a 350gsm sustainable silk card, which was machine creased and glued, ready for application.

Printed Packaging Sleeves

Quality Printed Box Wraps

Our printed sleeves are a striking yet cost-effective way to brand your gift boxes. 

Printing on the box usually requires more complex design processes, with higher set-up costs. Meanwhile, branded box sleeves give you much greater flexibility, allowing you to use multiple designs and easily adjust your minimum order quantities. It's ideal if budgets are lower and sustainability is important, and the sleeves give you a chance to create a range of branded boxes for gift products using just one packaging production process.

Eco Friendly Packaging Sleeve Products

Branded box sleeves deliver simple packaging designs and structures that transform a basic mailing box into a beautiful gift product that matches your business's ethical aims.

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