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Supporting Homeless Street Angels

Homeless Street Angels is a multi-award-winning Leeds charity dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness into a stable, safe, and sustainable environment. 

Having donated to the charity in the past, we were keen to help when we heard they were looking for branded high-vis jackets for their volunteers.

"The vests are so important to what we do as the guys we help often feel scared and vulnerable and these vests help us to stand out in a busy city centre on an evening.

When our guys spot our team in the vests they come out of their doorways and safe spaces to get a hot meal and much needed provisions. It's imperative that our guys can trust us and build a bond with us so it's great to have the team in the Homeless Street Angels uniform to be easily recognised. 

We aren't government-funded, so we rely on the generosity of local businesses and the community to help us continue to do what we love. Huge thanks to the team at Far'n'beyond for their continued support and donations.

Thank you so much 😊"

Shelley Joyce, Co-founder & Director

Every Thursday, the 'Homeless Street Angels' distribute hot and cold food, clean clothes, toiletries, and more in Leeds City Centre. They also provide valuable assistance to those they have helped into homes, offering food parcels and support. 

Printed High-Vis Jackets

For the individuals sleeping rough, being able to identify the volunteers easily is an integral part of the outreach process.

The printed high-visibility jackets make this possible, with reflective strips and the 'Homeless Street Angels' logo on the back above a QR code that links to their website.

The 30 branded multifunctional waistcoats have an ID card holder filled with a branded card, oversized pockets, and pen clips to help keep everything within easy reach. 

Supporting Local Charities

"After Nikki from our accounts team first spoke to us about the charity, their story and the importance of their work, we knew that we wanted to offer our support.

We are so pleased to be in the fortunate position to be able to help 'Homeless Street Angels' as their hard work and dedication continue to change lives across Leeds."

Adam Moody, Director at Far'n'Beyond

The Homeless Street Angels strive to provide a warm, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where homeless people can discuss their situation and make informed, life-changing choices with practical support. 

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