Branding Merchandise – XS Manchester

The team at Far’n’Beyond and ‘Really Good Branding’ is an established supplier of media companies such as radio stations throughout the UK.

Complimenting the marketing and printing services offered by Far’n’Beyond, our merchandise brand ‘Really Good Branding’ offers over 400,000 promotional items.

In preparation for the launch of regional radio station XS Manchester, the team at Far’n’Beyond worked on a variety of print requirements covering display and promotional merchandise.

Pens - Radio XS Two Colour Curvy Ball Pens-6XS Manchester is part of Communicorpuk, the fourth largest commercial radio group in the UK. Playing Manchester’s Best Rock and the home of the legends football social – XS Manchester aims to deliver an alternative, local sound for its audience.

Ensuring that the new logo and ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ brand values were communicated across a diverse range of products, the team set to work providing proofs from the artwork supplied for each item before production.

Colour matching is key to a strong display, so we ensured that the Pantone reference was included with each item and quality colour calibrated production methods followed to ensure a consistent appearance.

Microphone Flags - XS Radio-1

At Far’n’Beyond we have a purpose built project management system that ensures we can efficiently process a diverse range of products. We believe that this alongside our ability to combining delivery and a single point of contact offers great savings for our clients.

Working to a set deadline, XS Manchester were able to check quickly on all of their print requirements with one email and through our understanding of the brand ensure that we could provide an overview of the project from a production perspective.

Products produced for the launch of XS Manchester include:

  • Marketing Cards / Flyers
  • Roller Banners
  • Outdoor Feather Flags
  • Car Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Zipped Hoodies
  • Pens
  • Polyester Lanyards
  • Radio Microphone Muffs / Covers
  • Radio Microphone Flags

manchester-film-festival-3-1460111026Spin to Win Unit - XS Manchester-8XS-banner-mock-upHoody Printing - XS Radio Manchester-43 Hoody Printing - XS Radio Manchester-18Bag Satchel - XS Manchester-6

Lanyards - XS Radio - Two Colour-2

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