Plastic Card Printing

If you are looking to impress your customers then our stunning printed plastic cards are the perfect solution.

These cards look exceptionally good when printed using our wide range of premium solid plastic materials.

The cards are the same size as a credit card or bank card (they measure 86 x 54mm) with rounded corners. They are available in 420 micron, 680 micron and traditional credit card thickness of 760 micron.

Made in England | 5 Days Turnaround

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Single Colour Plastic Cards

Our single colour plastic cards are a popular option for loyalty and VIP cards. Available in White, Gold, Silver, Satin Black and Clear, they can be printed or foiled in any colour.

Gold and Silver Printed Cards are perfect for denoting membership levels, whilst the Satin Black and Clear cards offer an effective yet understated appearance. The white printed cards are most popular for Identification purposes.

Full Colour Plastic Cards

Printed in full colour on both sides, our cards are produced to the highest standards with printing under the plastic surface which protects it from being worn away.

Usually dispatched within 5 working days following proof approval, our team can assist with all aspects of your plastic card production.

Sequential numbering and signature strips are also available for added security and card management.

Plastic Key Cards

Our full colour key cards are the perfect choice if you want your customers to keep it with them at all times. They are a convenient size to be clipped onto a key ring and can be supplied with the metal rings (either attached or unattached) if required.

Our key cards come with a round 4mm diameter hole so they are ready to be clipped onto a key ring!

Specialist Finishing

Added features such as Sequential Numbering, Signature Strips and Bar Codes ensure that your printed cards are trackable and effective as part of a customer loyalty or retention campaign.

The team at Far’n’Beyond can also assist with direct mail, packaging and supporting literature for distribution of your printed cards.

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