NCR Pad Printing

Popular as invoice pads, business forms and receipt pads No Carbon Required (NCR) Pads are perfect for recording information and retaining records

Most commonly used as order forms sales/cash receipts, credit/hire agreements, purchase orders, quotations, job sheets, delivery notes or invoices our NCR Pads are available in A4 or A5 size.

Standard Turnaround | 5-7 Working days

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Duplicate & Triplicate Forms

No Carbon Required (NCR) Pads are also known as Duplicate & Triplicate forms, copy information from the top sheet onto the sheets below.

Printed with a white top sheet and a choice of blue, pink, green or yellow middle sheets, we offer 2-part,  3-part and 4-part sets which can be loose, glued pads or stapled books.

All our NCR Pads are made in Yorkshire.

No Carbon Required Duplicate Sheets

Traditionally carbon sheets were used to replicate the information on the top sheet. Expensive and difficult to use, carbon was replaced with a low-cost specialist material that easily enables the preassure from writing on the sheets to duplicate on one, two or three sheets.

The sheets are available in White, Blue, Yellow and Pink, which are used to define which copy should be given to which department/individual for processing or their records.

NCR Duplicate Printing

Our NCR Pads are available in full colour printing and with several finishing options including separating back boards to ensure content is only duplicated to the required layers. For easy extraction, a perforation before the glued headers can also be added to the Pads.

Sequential numbering is also available to enhance the security and tracking of the data sheets.

NCR Pads are available in several popular sizes including A5, A4, and DL.

NCR Pad Design

Our in-house Graphic Design team work with our clients to ensure an attractive, intuitive and effective design for our NCR Pads. Since they are often used to demonstrate an organisations transparency, they are often customer facing, so it is important they portray the customer brand professionally.

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