External Signage

External signage comes in all shapes, sizes and styles and can be formed from a large selection of materials and substrates.

At Far’n’Beyond, we design, project manage, manufacture, install, service and maintain all types of external signage for existing & new clients throughout the UK.

We provide wide-ranging solutions for all of your signage requirements, including flat signage, tray signage, post signage, flat cut & built up lettering & illuminated signage.

Flat Signage

This is the simplest way in which to produce external signage. Produced by applying an adhesive vinyl graphic, or printed direct to substrate to display your brand and message.

The tray signs can be made in a variety of colours and finished in either matt or gloss. There are also other finishes available, including mirror, brushed steel & metallics.

The most common forms of substrates are PVC, Dibond, or Acrylic.

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Tray Signage

A tray sign is a single unit sign with returned edges to enhance the quality & look of your signage. Predominantly made from a flexible composite material, such as Dibond, or Aluminium, and gives your signage a 3D edge as opposed to a flat sign or a frame.

Printed with single, or full colour graphics, wrapped to the sign or printed direct to the substrate to match your company branding.

Illumination can be added to the signage by using LED back-lighting with cut-outs behind the lettering & logo areas. Lighting can also be added using an over-the-top trough light.

Post Signage

As post and panel signs specialists, we work hard to provide you with signage that meets the promotional needs of your business.

Post mounted signs are often used to give informative or directional information to customers & visitors to identify businesses on roadsides, industrial estates and business parks. These signs can be installed at any height to avoid obstructions such as fences or foliage.

These durable outdoor signs are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and vandalism and can be designed in a custom shape or style.

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Flat Cut & Built Up Lettering

Flat cut & built up lettering is a well-established solution for external signage displays that require durability and very high quality whilst promoting a 3D presentation of your brand. Installing bespoke lettering on the exterior of your premises gives you the freedom to create something that is completely original to your company and branding.

From the traditional fascia lettering, to the contemporary fonts found in high street salons and boutiques, bespoke lettering is favoured by those who want to demonstrate the quality and character of their brand. Often made from acrylic, polished stainless steel, aluminium, DiBond or timber, built up lettering can add prestige to your retail or commercial premises.

Illuminated Signage

From backlit banners to custom LED signage systems, illuminated signage helps get you noticed, as well as sending a clear message. Subtly lit external signage and lettering creates a sleek and smart impression for commercial properties and office space. Bigger, bolder illuminations work well for businesses in the retail and leisure industry, helping to deliver high visual impact.

Produced on tray signs, or built up lettering, the faces are then either replaced with a complete back-lit display (sheets of opal acrylic or translucent roll able material) or by CNC cutting displays into the solid face.

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