Wobblers Printing

Our promotional shelf and bar wobblers are an affordable yet effective method of visual marketing. Hang them from your shelf edges and watch them wobble, catching the eye of the customer and drawing them straight to your product.

Adding another dimension to your POS display our wobblers are printed in premium thick card and supplied with self-adhesive PVC wobbler strips for quick and easy application.

POS is the biggest growth area in advertisement & yields 160% ROI compared to other mediums. If you would like to learn more about our POS product then please get in touch.

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Printed Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are designed for use with retail shelving units for retailers to display their offers and price tags. Printed in a premium card and attached to a clear plastic wobbler arm, ensuring customers get the best view of your promotions.

Our wobblers are a great method of communication for uses in packaging or as a point of sale product.

Shelf Wobbler Shapes

Available in a range of sizes and shapes such as square, circular and custom our range of POS will help your brand stand out at the point of purchase, where 80% of the buying decisions are made.

Printed with the environment in mind, our FSC Certified paper and cards are all printed using the most efficient production methods to deliver value alongside reduced waste for recycling.

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Point of Sale Finishes

We believe we have the balance right with a robust product and quality finish. Our shelf wobblers are produced on a silk card as standard, but can be enhanced with a matt, or gloss lamination.

The lamination provides an additional layer of protection and increases the lifespan of your printed shelf wobbler. The wobbler arms are available as standard arms, integrated arms or spring arms, with a range of arm lengths available.

Point of Sale & Campaign Wobblers

The Far’n’Beyond team is experienced in producing a diverse range of promotional material for retail environments and corporate offices. Shelf wobblers are a popular, versatile product that can communicate key information such as core values, offers, brand message or price lists.

Working with our clients we often produce multiple items for distribution direct to stores/premises. Far’n’Beyond provides a single point of contact to enable us to establish a greater understanding of the project and business needs.

Retail Fulfilment & Distribution

At Far’n’Beyond, we offer a wide range of storage, retrieval and order packaging solutions, meaning we can store your exhibition products, promotional marketing materials and stationery products, saving you that all important storage space.

Our in-house storage and fulfilment warehouse allows us to offer cost-effective stock control management, tailored to your needs, whilst producing regular stock reports and alerts when minimum levels are reached, ensuring nothing ever goes out of stock.

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